Hi, my name is John Falato, AKA Jocko, and this is my hideaway site where I’m posting articles and other stuff that interests me, and where I hope you find something to take away and ponder. I’m an old fart with youngish thoughts — as long as you’re willing to call my occasional immature ramblings something of a youngish manner of thinking.

My interest, and therefore the things you will find on this site are varied, but I post only those things I find engaging, above the norm, or those things that have puzzled me over the years. (P.S. I’m not afraid to speak out about religion or politics). You can get an idea of what I care about from the categories and tags I use in my articles along with the menu titles.

I love controversy, and I tend to be somewhat ironic in what I have to say, so if you think I am contradicting myself, double check, It’s likely that my tongue was in my cheek when I wrote it.

Don’t be afraid to disagree with what I post, go ahead and comment and let your own views be heard. If you happen to like something, let me know that also.


You can contact me via email at Jocko@JockosWorld.com.

I review my email several times a day.